1/48 Eduard Siemens-Schuckert SSD.IIIa
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This is one of Eduard's older kits, much more of a limited run nature than their newer kits like the Camel.  It was a difficult build for me.  The upper lozenge decals took 3 attempts,
the ones finally used were printed on my ALPS printer.  I lost one of the interplane struts so they are both made from Contrail strut stock.  The interior is all photo-etch,
as are the machine guns.  Lots of little tiny parts, most of which I finally got nearly in place.  Stephen Lawson was very helpful to me during this build, and
from him comes a comment on the airfraft I modelled:

"SSW D.III no serial noted, insignia a white "V" may have belonged at one time to Ltn. Seppl Veltjens (NOT Vallendor) of Jasta 15/ J.G.II. as a reserve aircraft. The headrest identifies
it as a machine from the first series of 20; the balanced ailerons show this photo was taken after it was returned to the factory to be upgraded with a new engine,
wings and other modifications. These images may have been taken at Jasta 15 or another unit that it was later assigned to."

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