Airfix 1/48 Meteor F.8
Kit A09182

I always find things to touch up after the pictures are taken, like the scratches on the drop tank pylon.  At this point it is called weathering.   This was a fun kit to work with.
 There were a few minor issues that just seem odd considering the overall quality.  The ejection seat sat up too high, the mounting lugs were trimmed a little to fix that.  
The seat was not permanently installed until the masking was removed after the final matte clear coat (Alclad Matte Clear) as that made it esier to mask the cockpit opening.  
The nose gear door would not fit until I trimmed back the mounting lug on the strut and opened up more of the nose gear bay in front of the strut.  The nose was attached for
painting with UV glue and then after painting the nose was popped off and the nose gear strut assembly was added and the nose reattached permanently.  This was done to
avoid the potential breakage of the strut during handling.  The model sits a little more nose low than I thought it would, but many pictures of Meteor F.8's show this posture.  

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