Airfix 1/48 Meteor F.8
Kit A09182

Control surfaces are installed.  I sanded down the rivet detail a bit on the surfaces, it seemed a bit too prominent but looks good now.  A very small amount of Perfect Plastic Putty
was used around the gun bay doors.  The windscreen seems to want to sit a little high, some plastic was carved from its base so it would fair into the fuselage better.  
Little things, nothing serious.  The ejection seat had been installed with white glue.  When I test fit the sliding canopy I found that the armor on the back of the seat interfered a little
in the closed position.   It was easier to mask off the cockpit with the seat out so it was removed.  The instructions have you install the nose gear at this point, but that makes for the
possibility of damaging it later in the build.  My plan is to put the nose on with white glue and paint the airplane, then remove it and install the nose gear.

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