Fine Molds 1/48 Nakajima Kikka

It's never interesting to look at filling, sanding, and masking, so here is the finished model.  The nacelle fit to the wings required filling under the wing and sanding on top in
front at the wing join.  The nacelle openings were masked off by inserting drinking straws. The markings are all painted, usings masks made with a Silhouette Cameo
vinyl cutter.  There was a little trouble with the white coming up with the masks which required some touch up with a fine brush.  Model Master Insignia Red and Flat White
 were used.  The other colors are Gunze Mr. Color 15 IJN Dark Green and 56 IJN Dark Grey, the tires which still have a few spots to touch up are Floquil Weathered Black.  
No weathering was done as the airplane's first flight was the day after the Hiroshima bomb.  I saw the airplane at Silver Hill Maryland in the late 70's and it was still in pretty
good condition although disassembled.

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