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Henry Struck's 1937 Benny Boxcar

Scaled to 108 inch span

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The Benny Boxcar was an early Struck design and was not presented in plan form until much later.  It is a great flyer and builds light.  The photo was taken at Boulder, Nevada at the
2019 SAM Champs by Mike Clancy.  
  The motor I installed is a Neu 1509 1.5-6.7 with a Hobby King motor mount.The Boxcar handles high power very well and has a very long flat glide.

Wing Area 1,614 sq in
11.21 sq ft
min wt at 8 oz  89.7 oz, 5 # 10.7 oz.
Tail Area 467 sq in
Aspect Ratio 7.27
t/c 9.5

Weight of prototype with 1500 mah battery is 90 ounces for the electric Texaco class.

The plans are detailed with building notes and show every part.  Plans are $33 plus postage.  Laser cut partial kits
are available for $154 plus postage as of 4/21/2020.  Please contact me before ordering as balsa wood prices are very high and volatile at present.  
Strip wood and sheet balsa will need to be added.  Postage is only charged
once for orders for both plans and parts.

Recently the USPS has made another major increase in postage costs.  To allow me to quote the cost of postage please contact
me at with your address and I will calculate the actual postage.  

Part of the plans for the Boxcar 

Boxcar 108 Building Photos and Notes

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Page                                                      Topics

1                                                                     General  Description

2                                                                     Construction of fuselage sides

3                                                                     Fin and Rudder construction, Framing fuselage sides together

4                                                                     Continued

5                                                                     Fuselage framing, Stabilizer and elevator construction

6                                                                     Stabilizer and Elevator

7                                                                     Continued

8                                                                     Continued, fitting fin and stabilizer to fuselage, Wing Spar construction

9                                                                     Wing center  section panel construction, wing joiner construction

10                                                                 Left outer wing panel construction, wing joiners

11                                                                 Wing Joiners, right outer wing panel

12                                                                 Right inner wing panel, joining main wing panels at dihedral joint

13                                                                 Continued

14                                                                 Center rib installation, leading edge sheeting on center panel

15                                                                 Sheeting tip panels, shear web installation

16                                                                 Pictures of completed wing components assembled

17                                                                 Starting rudder and elevator hinge construction

18                                                                 Cowl construction

19                                                                 Landing Gear

20                                                                Removable elevator details

21                                                                 Continued, Removable Fin and Elevator attachment to fuselage, motor mount assembly.

22                                                Motor mount, preliminary weight and balance, servo and pull - pull control system installation.

23                                                Servo and control system installation continued.

24                                                Servo and contol system installation, covering.

25                                                Photos of completed and flying model

26                                                Photos in flight

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