Lightweight exact scale model of the Cub, featured in the May and September 1986 issues of Scale R/C Modeler. Three plans sheets (36 square feet) show gas and electric powered versions with complete scale detail, including working bungee cord landing gear (a wire landing gear is also included for those who prefer the simple life), a three view of the cabin step, and complete detail of the Continental A65-8 engine including parts detail and three views of the installation. The structure is based on Piper drawings and faithfully follows the full scale airplane, with proper rib locations and duplicate fuselage framing. The airfoil is the USA-35B the Cub really used, not the lower lift Clark Y that most Cub kits use. 22 pages of detailed building instructions and photos are included so that a beginning scratch builder will be able to handle this project successfully. A materials list is included.

With an OS .30 2-stroke and Colortex covering the Cub will weigh 3.5 pounds and have an ecstatic climb. For more scale like performance and sound an OS 20 four stroke will fly it well, even allowing operation on floats. At 3.5 pounds the wing loading is 11 ounces per square foot. My heavyweight "full scale" Cub first had an OS 40 Four stroke, five servos (one for the scale trimming stabilizer), and acrylic enamel finish over Colortex fabric. It weighed 4 pounds 11 ounces with the 40 4-stroke and flew very well, with a very gentle Cub-like stall. The OS 40 didnít like the inverted installation I chose in order to keep the engine hidden so I now fly it with an OS 25 FSR with the Davis Diesel conversion which I like very well using a 12-4 to 12-6 propeller. This combination weighs just a little over 4 pounds and allows a very slow and reliable idle in the inverted installation.


Scale: 1/6

Span: 70.4 inches

Wing Area: 704 Sq. In.

Weight: 3.5 to 4.7 pounds

Plans: $29.95

This photo was the centerfold in the September 1986 Scale R/C Modeler.

Partial plans for the J-3:

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