Certainly one of the cutest light planes ever built, the Dart was designed by Al Mooney for the Monocoupe company in the mid thirties. All but the first five airplanes built were constructed by the Dart Manufacturing Company, owned by Knight Culver and Al Mooney. The plans for this model were developed from the factory drawings. The plans are probably the most exact in scale that I have done. In the 1/4 scale plan set, three views are supplied with the 13 pages of instructions, construction photos, and materials list. 43 square feet of plans detail all parts.  A construction article was published in the May 1987 issue of Scale R/C Modeler.  The plans were drawn in AutoCad and are printed on an HP500 color plotter on bond paper.  They are very long lasting compared to blueprints.

The Dart is a capable acrobatic performer, although it must be coaxed into a spin just as the full scale counterpart required extra effort to enter a spin. Because of its low aspect ratio wing it will fly at very high angles of attack safely, and will make pretty three point landings without any fear of tip stalling. The 1/4 scale prototype is powered by an OS 1.20 four stroke which provides plenty of power.

Scale: 1/4

Span: 88 inches                                                     

Wing Area: 1,476 sq in

Weight: 13.5 pounds                                                                                          

Plans: $39.95

Epoxyglass Wheel Pants and Cowling: $65.00

Laser cut partial kit, all the balsa and plywood, everything but the stick parts:  $165.00

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The Dart in Quarter Scale

The bones of the Dart

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