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September 2013 Newsletter

SAM 51 Officers 2013

President – Eut Tileston

Vice President – Bill Fausset

Treasurer – Frank Whalen

Editor – Ken Holden

Cookie Chef - Jim Saare

Webmaster - John Eaton



The SAM51 monthly meeting will be at Eut’s place on Thursday, September 26, AD 2013, and as usual the 7 PM time.


The August Meeting Minutes -
Pres. Eut Tileston called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM with 9 members in attendance. The late start was due to brain fade by the editor/secretary.

Treasury Report - The treasurer was out of pocket, but phoned in that the cigar box was safe with him.

Old Business – eight Cloud Tramp fliers did their duty at the appointed time of 09:00 PDT. Yeah team!

New Business – Bob Grice will CD the Ehling Half A contest, as is our long established tradition. John Eaton will select at date to fly at Woodland that does not conflict with other activities and notify contestants by email or phone of the date and time.

Reports - none

Show and Tell – John Eaton brought his CAD project for a 62" wingspan Dallaire. Big discussion was about the original wing structure. Seems that there are several versions in circulation.

 Adjourn- Circa 8 pm.

 Cookies - by Cookie Chef par excellence, Jim Saare.

 Model of the Month – Power House by Sal Taibi, November and December 1939 Model Airplane News. I, youse friendly editor, came across this on the MAN DVD, and I thought that that you might enjoy seeing it again. This is a two part plan. The plans in this newsletter are from www.theplanpage. If you are computer free I, youse friendly editor, will do my best on your behalf, gratis.


Gossip - The newsletter is late yet again because the editor had, yet again, an interesting month. Mary's purse was stolen while she was returning a shopping cart at a store. We changed door locks, credit cards and bank accounts. Then the old Ford cratered. Then my Dodge Caravan was stolen. We forgot that there was a key to the van in her purse. We are driving a rental. Just finished changing the automatic garage opener. This is going to end up with the immediate outlay of several thousand dollars. Lessons learned: Old folks should not return the shopping carts at stores, if you are a good guy or gal you can push an empty into the store on your way in. While considered a POS in California, four cylinder Dodge Caravans are very popular in Mexico, and 4 cylinder vans are not made by Dodge these days.