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March 2014 Newsletter

SAM 51 Officers 2013

President – Eut Tileston
Vice President – Bill Fausset
Treasurer – Frank Whalen
Editor – Ken Holden
Cookie Chef - Jim Saare
Webmaster - John Eaton

The next SAM51 monthly meeting will be Thursday March 28 at 7:00 PM at Eut's home.

 The March Meeting Minutes - 

Pres. Eut Tileston called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM with 9 members in attendance. Monty and Milt - we missed ya!

February Minutes (actually seconds) approved.

Treasury Report - Paid newsletter expenses of $66.45 reducing balance in the cigar box to $570 according to senior treasurer Frank Whalen. (He is trying to recruit a junior treasurer to do the heavy lifting. Good luck!)

Old Business – No DVD news from Roland Friestad to date.

Too early for half A Texaco information.

New Business – Monthly fun fly weather is iffy this time of year. On bad weather first Thursdays, second Thursdays will be alternate. The weather gods have not favored the highly selective this year. Watch the website and this space for further information. All old timers welcome, gassy, ellie, or gummy.

The cross town freeway closure threatens meeting and flying attendance.

John Eaton handed out plans for the Sky Bunny for an Easter mass launch and fun fly use. The design uses an 8" prop, 3/16" rubber. Center section needs a bit or reinforcement. Suggest making trim tabs from coke cans, not card stock.

Discussed Simplex electric for group flights. Some intended to scratch build.

Discussed trim and flying electrified versions of the Black Bullet (low wing, rubber originally)

Reports - none

Show and Tell – John brought his New Ruler in the bones, the original 74" wing span version. Good looking airplane but not especially light weight.

Adjourn- about 7:45

Bull Session - outstanding, lasted 'til almost 10. Too bad some have to drive to get home, I, youse friendly editor, could have listened all night. Lots of discussions of flying the big stuff with round engines. Ya know the old saying, real airplanes have round engines.

Cookies - by Cookie Chef par excellence, Jim Saare.